Special haul out, hull cleaning and maintenance offer

Offers you the chance to get at that performance impairing weed and barnacles and enjoy the rest of the season!


Special offer – £10 a foot* (inc VAT) 

Price includes:

  • haul out and shore up on hard standing for 7 days

  • pressure wash

  • rigging inspection when possible

  • safety checks to seacocks and skin fittings

  • check stern gear

  • lift and launch to mooring

  • car parking

  • dinghy and outboard storage

  • electric power and water

  • showers and loos

  • waste disposal

  • Wifi and coffee


Tide tables

*  £ 10 a foot for 7 days

    £ 13.50 a foot for 8 - 14 days

    £ 19 a foot for 15 days to one month.

Customer thanks following haul out:

"...All was achieved in time during a busy period for the boatyard.
We are both very fond of Weir Quay and have great admiration for all that you are doing there, especially with the young in mind. It really is very encouraging indeed to see chaps like Drummond coming on so well and sticking at it. I was also particularly impressed with Dave who sorted out the tank problem and the fuel line re-connections with great efficiency and attention to detail. He must have learnt a lot during his time at the Boatyard, has an excellent manner and will I am sure do very well as a merchant navy engineer officer.
Trevor is a delightful fellow; so willing and helpful as well as competent and obviously enjoying more responsibilities. Saul and Spencer could not have been more helpful and I am most grateful for all that they did either directly or indirectly during our sojourn with you.
We look forward to returning next spring."

"Thank you for the welcome last week for our annual "haul out" trip back to Weir Quay.

As always it was a pleasure and the staff were brilliant - made us feel right at home, even the dog!"






Available at Weir Quay Boatyard: