Seacock Check - are your seacocks safe?

Check and service seacocks.

Wrong seacocks fitted?  Seized seacocks?  Corroded handles?

This is an important safety test for all your seacocks.

Are your seacocks safe? Is your boat at risk from faulty seacocks?

Are you sure the valve is safe from electrolytic corrosion?
Are any seacocks seized or likely to seize at the wrong moment?
Are your seacock handles free from corrosion or could they break?

Our team of experienced marine engineers will check the safety and condition of your seacocks.  

The general condition of the following will be checked:

  • the valve
  • the ball of the valve 
  • the handle
  • the through hull fitting
  • the hose and hose clips

Each valve will be operated and tested and inspected for signs of corrosion by dezintification.

Blakes valves will be tested in the same way but with removal of the valve cone for inspection.

Handle upgrade on the Hattersley ball valve range is available.  Stainless steel handles and nuts for the range can now be supplied and fitted without removal of the valve.

This invaluable safety check can be carried out for £15 per seacock.

To book your inspection please CONTACT US or speak to Spencer Hamlyn, head of Marine Engineering on 01822 840474.