Saul Thomas

Image of GRP marine specialist repairs, Saul Thomas


Saul was brought up on the island of Lismore in Loch Linnhe. Following the Falmouth boatbuilding diploma (where he gained distinction in all modules) Saul and Kath lived on a wonderful 19th century sloop at South Hooe and worked for the redoubtable Brian Tankard at Weir Quay Boatyard.  He knows the River better and for longer than most. 


He has served working apprenticeships away from the Yard in GRP fabrication at Peter Walde, and in joinery at Dartmoor Hardwoods.  He is an expert in the marine applications of both trades and in 2009 he agreed to re-join and head the team at WQB as shipwright.  


When he is not on the Yard, Saul is deploying his skills and perfectionist trait by extending his Dartmoor family home with great effect.